Hello, beauties! Curious about this product? Before I start, I just want to tell you that all products mentioned in this post are bought by my self, I don't be paid from the company, and the information below are my honest opinion. Go and read it! ^^

Have you ever heard about Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse, beauties? I you haven't, here are the pictures so you can take a look on this product :

taken from here

This is my favourite foundation ever. It has a thick creamy texture, but easy to blend. You can blend it with your sponge, foundation brush, or even your finger, but I usually blend with finger (hurry-time factor :P). Yes, it's perfect if you're in hurry, because it's really easy to use. And light weight, too. But, unfortunately, this product is quite expensive, costs about Rp. 125.000,-. But for me this product is worth to buy, hehe. Although this foundation is my favourite, someday I would like to try another type of foundation.

Mine is in shade 060. A little bit bright for me (I think), but it's okay. Someday if I have a chance to buy this foundation again, I would buy one shade darker than mine now. But for now it's still okay and wearable. :P

Here is my own Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse :

The ingredients. I'm sorry if it's unreadable :P

It has a small tube hole so you can control its usage

Swatch in my hand. It's blend perfectly ^^

Pros :
(+) Easy to use, perfect if you're in hurry
(+) Easy to blend although it has a thick creamy texture
(+) Light weight, feels like you don't wear any foundie! ^^
(+) The packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly
(+) Small tube hole so you can control the usage
(+) Coverage quite good
(+) It has various shades
(+) Last long, for about 6-7 hours indoor

Cons :
(-) Expensive

Repurchase? Maybe, but one shade darker. ^^

Recommended? Yes, if you like a thick creamy texture foundie.

Thanks for reading, beauties! I hope you're inspired. Follow me if you don't mind, hehe. See ya next time, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*