Hello, beauties! I'm gonna share my experience, so happy reading! :D

Several days ago I was cleaning my room because it's messy and looks like never been cleaned for a century (I think it's true because I'm kinda lazy person. :P) Ah, don't matter about it. I'm just feel that I have to clean my room and rearrange my beauty corner. And suddenly, I've found these stuffs! :D

They are :
1. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It (004)
2. Revlon Living Lipstick Sun Protectives in Peach Silk (038)
3. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
4. Pixy Perfect Eyeliner
5. Revlon Luxurious Color Satin Eye Shadow in Nude Slip
6. Revlon New Complexion in Natural Beige (04)
7. Viva Eye Shadow (05)
8. Wardah Eye Shadow (I don't know the code :P)
(Looks like I'm a Revlon-junky, right? Hehe..)
Whoa, I don't expected that I've got these stuffs, and some of them are still remains much! I will review them soon, so be patience and stay tune, beauties! :D

Thanks for reading, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*