Hello, girls! I'm back with another tips and trick to make all of you more and more beautiful! What do you waiting for? Go and read it! :D

Who doesn't have puffy eyes? Still awake till morning to finish your homework or study for your exam, in the morning you will have those annoying puffy eyes. You will look older and exhausted with puffy under your eyes. But, don't worry! You don't have to start your day by waking up with puffy eyes. I have found natural remedies from cucumber juice to get rid of your puffy eyes. By following these steps, you will look well rested and more like your usual fresh-faced self! :D

Why I choose cucumber? Because cucumber has an anti-irritation ingredient that helps deflate the skin around your eyes to reduce swelling. And also the moisture in cucumber is refreshing and soothing. :D

Actually, you can use cucumber slices too. But, when you use just cucumber slices, not much fluid is coming out, and the fluid that actually coming out, is 99% water. When you make cucumber juice, you get the nutrition from the cucumber itself and the pads are soaked in the juice, so you're obviously gonna get more juice to the skin. :D

What you need :
- cucumber juice
- facial cottons
- a big bowl
- a large plate
- a large zipper plastic bag

What to do :
1. Pour the cucumber juice into the bowl.
2. Put the facial cottons into the bowl.
3. Take a facial cotton, squeeze it, and then put it on the large plate. Do the same to the other cottons.
4. Insert the cucumber pads to the plastic bag, and then freeze it.
5. Take out pads from freezer, and then thaw it until it can be used on your eyes.
6. Put on your eyes, and wait for about 10-15 minutes.
7. Take it off, then massage it a little bit and wipe the rest around your eyes.
8. Voila! Your eyes looks fresh! :D

Thanks for reading. I hope this post useful for you. See you next time, and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*