Another review post from me. But, before I start, I just want to tell you that all products mentioned in this post are bought by my self, I don't be paid from the company, and the information below are my honest opinion. Alright, happy reading! :D

Okay, today I'm gonna talk about this local brand make up. Yes, it is an eyeliner from Viva Queen. It is Viva Queen Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner. Here is the pictures taken from Google :

I found this Viva eyeliner accidentally. At that time, I'm gonna buy a mascara. And suddenly, a SPG offer a new arrival product to me, it is Viva Queen Perfect Shape Liquid Eye Liner.

I've been stuck finding the perfect eyeliner that won't smudge, long-lasting, can be easily applied, and cheap (economical principal for college student. :P). I've been tried so many eyeliners, from cheap-local branded, until expensive-high branded, but it will always doesn't suit with my criteria. :(

My feeling split into two, the smaller one says "don't buy it! It will ended up like your others eyeliner! Doesn't long-last and easily smudge! Look at the price! This is sooo cheap! The price shows the quality! etc, etc." Really, when I see this product, I doubt it will long-last and won't smudge. :/

But, my other feeling, the bigger one, says that I HAVE TO BUY THIS EYELINER! It's cheap, so, if it didn't fit with my criteria, I can just throw it. :P

But you know what?? I really love this product! Why?? Because, beside it has an applicator that easily to use, this product also long-lasting and won't easily smudge! Aaand, it is REALLY cheap! It costs about Rp. 25-30.000,- still affordable for college student's wallet. :P

New brush, looks like marker.

Old brush, thinner than the newer one.

Left: old brush | Right: new brush

Swatches :

Washed down with weak showers.

Washed down with heavy showers.


Swatch in my eyes :

Pros :
(+) long-last
(+) don't easily smudge
(+) good applicator/brush
(+) cheap! :D

Cons :
(-) NOTHING! Really, this product is GREAT! :D

Repurchase? Of course! :D

Recommended? YES, ABSOLUTELY! ^^

Okay, enough from me. I hope this post help you to find a great eyeliner with lower price. :D See you next time and stay BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*