Buenos dias, amigos! This is my very first makeup product review, so, please be kind to me if I make some mistakes, hehehe. :P

Before I start, I just want to tell you that all products that mentioned in this post are bought by my self. I'm not payed by the company and information below are my honest opinions. :D

Maybelline Angelfit Blush in Velvet Apricot

Maybelline Angelfit Blush has 4 shades, they are: Peachy Sweetie, Strawberry, Velvet Apricot, and Creamy Cinnamon. And mine is Velvet Apricot. Why I choose this color? Because I want a blush that can give me natural look when I use it. I think orange color will give a really natural look. I already have a pink blush, but it doesn't natural enough for daily look. :D

From the packaging, this blush has a really cute packaging. It's pink in the bottom, and clear glass at the top, so you can see whether the products are broken or not when you first want to buy it. ;) But it has no mirror so you can't correct your blush, although its brush is soft enough. :(

When first I bought it, I don't realize that it has little shimmery result. So, it makes my face look bright and glowing. :D

But, this product is not pigmented. You have to sweep and sweep again to get the color. :(

Pros :
(+) cute packaging
(+) clear glass on the top
(+) has a little shimmer
(+) has a soft brush

Cons :
(-) a bit expensive, it cost Rp. 65.000,-
(-) doesn't pigmented
(-) no mirror in the package

Repurchase? Eum.. NO I think. ^^

Recommended? Yes, to complete your blushes collections, hehehe. :P