Holla, Amigos! Cómo está? It means "how are you?", hehehe. Long time no see, do you all missed me? :P

I came back here with a new post titled "First Post In 2012". Okay, I know it's a little bit late, but better late than never ever try, right? So, how is your "New Year Revolutions" after several weeks in 2012? Are there any changes? I hope your life is going better from day to day. :D

Now, back to the bussiness. This very first post in 2012 will talk about me. Not makeup, products review, foods review, or any of that. Hohoho. And the word that describe me now is I'm sick. That's horrible! I'm feeling weak, I can't hang out with my friends, I can't eat ice cream, and the worst thing is I'm sick in holiday time! I hate being sick. :(

I had a cough. The cough are horrible! It disturb me in the night when I'm about going to bed, and in the morning when I get up. Before this damn cough, I also had a flu. And the worst thing was, I got it when I'm in my last exam! Can you imagine if you are sneezing during exam??? That's really R-E-A-L-L-Y annoying! But I already take medicines, so let's see whether I'm going better.

Being sick doesn't mean you can't be beautiful. Although your nose became red, your skin were pale, or your voice heard like a frog, you still can be beautiful. So, here is a video tutorial from bubzbeauty for you who were sick right now and still wants to look awesome. Check this out! :D

Alright. I hope it is helpful for all of you. Remember, drinks lot of water, take enough rest, eat healthy foods, and healthy body is yours. Stay healthy and BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*