Holla, everyone! :D

I'm looking at my blackberry now, and it's 22.21. So, one hour and thirty nine minutes again and we will meet 2012! Yaiy! :D

It's my last post in 2011. Whoa, so many times I spent in front of my computer and I can't believe I will reach the point when I can say in this blog: Good bye 2011, and welcome 2012! :D

So many events happened in my life during 2011. Broke up with my boyfriend, had great time with my families and friends, etc. Cry, laugh, smile, angry, sad,  I experienced it. So, 2011 was a great year for me.

I hope 2012 will bring more joys for me. There are so many goals that I want to reach in 2012. May God gives me strength so I can get EVERYTHING that I want in 2012. :D

GOOD BYE 2011, WELCOME 2012! :D