Hello girls! This time I would like to write about a stuff that women can't live without it. Yes, lipstick! This small thing can make our lips shine, if we choose the right shade, or faint, if the shade doesn't match with our skin tone. So, what you waiting for? Check this out! :D

Women can't be separated from lipstick. You can see in every women's bag this kind of stuff. Different women loves different colour or shade of lipstick. But, does it match to their skin tone? Alright, before you read about the perfect lipstick colour for your skin tone, better check the different types of lipstick first. :D

There so many different types of lipstick. There are:
- Matte Lipsticks: These lipsticks usually contain kaolin as a primary ingredient for staying power and give lipsticks a no shine, no grease texture. These lipsticks tend to be drying, but if you're looking for staying power, matte is a good option. 
- Long-wearing Lipsticks: These are the lipsticks that claim to stay all day through the kisses and everyday wear. If you've used one of these you know that's not the case. Don't waste your money. See below for tips on making lipstick last.
- Sheer/Stain Lipsticks: The pigmentation of sheers and stains is not very high. They tend to be more moisturizing then other types of lipsticks.They also tend to wear easy but leave a nice hint of color.
- Moisturizing Lipsticks: These contain lots of conditioning ingredients such as shea butter. These lipsticks tend to wear off easy due to the moisturizing ingredients in them but if you have dry lips, then go for these.

Alright. Now you know the differences between each type of lipstick, right? :D And now I would show you any kind of basic lipstick tone. There are:
- Red/pink: Makes the color seem warmer, but harder and deeper as well. Can also bring out all the red tones in your skin as well so be careful!
- Yellow/orange: Makes the color warmer, and softer. Looks great on warm skin tones, but if you’re really pale, can bring out the green/blue undertones in your skin. To be on the safe side, go towards the yellow side, rather than the orange. Too much orange can make skin look gray and sluggish.
- Green/blue: A way to make a lipstick more dramatic..deeper. Try to stay clear of these if possible, they can make you look like you’re STILL standing under fluorescent lighting.
- Silver/grey: Adds shimmer, softness, depth, easy to spot in those light shimmer lipsticks that are so popular now. Adds light and softness to the lipstick, just make sure that it’s not too much on the blue/grey side. Can make those under eye circles stand out.
- Green: Huh? Green? Yep, sometimes. The trendy colors have them, and it’s usually paired with a yellow tone as well. You’ll look cool and hip, but you’ll also feel as if you need more color on your face. (Hint: that’s why the big blush trend is also prevalent – just check out the lip color!)

Now, matching the shade of lipstick for your skin tone. :D When choosing the correct shade of lipstick you must look at your complexion:
- If you have fair skin deep, plum reds, berry, wine reds with a blue undertone look best. Browns -light medium browns or beige's with pink undertones flatter fair skins. Pink undertone lipsticks compliment fair skin very nicely. However, stay away from those bright, loud pink lipsticks.
- Olive/Yellow skin should choose rich, deep brown reds and deep, dark berry shades. Stay away from orange/reds and pink/reds, they can bring out the yellow undertones in your skin. Try to avoid pink lipstick at all costs. 
- Medium skin should use rich, deep pinks, deep reds, rich caramel shades, medium brown with yellow or pink undertones, and creamy coffee colored brown lipsticks. Stay away from browns that are very pale. They can make medium skins look ashy and washed out. 
- Dark skin should try reds with blue undertones. Also, mahogany, deep plums, wine reds, almost any shade of brown, rich, dark, coffee browns flatter the skin. Avoid orange undertones in lipsticks

To avoid mis-matching the shade of lipstick with your skin tone and to have a perfect lips you can follow these steps:
- Choose a color that complements the natural shade of your lips and skin. Plums, wines and deep reds flatter a dark skin tone, while light-brown beiges with pink or orange undertones complement a lighter skin tone. Olive skin looks good with brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades of lipstick.
- Keep colors lighter for daytime and darker for night. Matte and cream finishes offer a subtler daytime look, while a high-gloss finish adds glamour for evening. A sheer, natural-looking color with a little shine also works well for day.
- Experiment. Head to your local department store and ask a makeup artist to test different shades on your lips. Whenever possible, check in natural light to see how the color really looks with your complexion.
- Create your own shade by combining colors. If the shades you find don't completely satisfy you, mix your own color. The easiest way to do this is by applying each color to your lips with a lip brush, then blending with the brush on your lips.
- Opt for a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and in the same color family.
- Line lips after applying lipstick, not before. That way you won't end up with a dark circle of lip liner after your lipstick has worn off.

That's easy right? To have a perfect lips the only thing to do is find the perfect shade of lipstick to match with your skin tone. Alright, I hope it's useful for all of you girls. See you next time, bye-bye! *kisses*