Who don't want to have soft lips? I bet you do! Dry and crack lips reduce women's confidence. Beside that, dry lips are unsightly. It also feels uncomfortable. :(

Any women want to have soft lips, no matter what to do. Treatment, injection, even plastic surgery would be done by most women to get their lips as soft as baby's lips. But, by reading this post, you will know how to get soft lips in easy and cheap way. So, check this out! :D

You will need :
1. Lip balm or lip moisturizer. It doesn't matter what kind of lip balm did you use.
2. Baby tooth brush. Try to find a tooth brush that has soft brushes.
3. Tissue to wipe. :D

Then, how are the steps? First, apply lip balm on your lips. Don't too thick, but not too thin too. Just apply it evenly. Then, brush your lips with baby tooth brush in a circle. Do on the entire surface of the lips. After it all, wipe your lips with a tissue.

Confused? Hahaha. To make you more understand the steps, you'd better check a video from teycindy below. Enjoy it! :D

Easy, right? And cheap too! You can do it anytime anywhere. Get perfect lips in just minutes! :D
Okay, guys. Thanks for reading, I hope it useful for you. See you on the next post, good night, and STAY BEAUTIFUL! *kisses*