Annyeonghaseyo! :D

Good afternoon everyone! Good day today, eh? Happy lunch for all of you. My mom is cooking in her kitchen now, and it smells good! I can't wait to eat her cook. Hmmm... :P

Last night I met a cute baby boy. He is a grandson of my parent's friend. He is so cute, and he peed on me too, hehehe. I know it's disgusting, but I enjoy every time I picked him, joking with him, and hug him. I love his laugh. Even, I love his pee too, hehehe. Ugh, I really want to take him home, I miss him already. :(

To treat my sense of longing, I search some pictures of cute babies on Google. Here are them:

Ugh, they're so cute. XD

For you who loves baby so much, you have to read itWell, see you on the next post! Have a nice day! *kisses*