Today is my fourteenth month anniversary with my boyfriend! Yeepee! Today is a special day for us. *big smile* Little bit sad we didn't make any plan for this day. But it's okay, which is important we both always happy and have each other. (and of course reduce the dispute frequency too! Hehehe. :D )

Today make me think, we have spent a year and two months together, will we continue it and spend our WHOLE life together? Married I mean?

Thinking about married make me think about how is the design of my wedding dress when I'm getting married? (come on, I'm a girl, the first thing that crossed my mind when I think about wedding is the wedding dress!) Will it be simple like Kate Middleton wedding dress? Or luxurious like what Lady Diana wore? I have search any kind of wedding dresses' style, check this out! :D

Simple Style :

Luxurious Style :

Are those BEAUTIFUL? Make me want to get married ASAP! (just want to try those beautiful wedding dresses! Hahaha.)

Yep! Nice post, right? Beautiful wedding dresses! Hahaha. See you on the next post! Don't forget do your homework and good night! *kisses*