Whoa, I woke up late again! I don't know how many times I woke up late. I don't even remember when the last time I woke up earlier! (I have to change this bad habit! :( )

I have a reason why I woke up late. I can't sleep earlier every night! I have try anything to make me sleep earlier: read a book, drink a glass of milk, eat a lot before sleep (people say if we eat a lot before sleep, we will feel sleepy. Is that true? The truth is we will gain our weight, hahaha. :P ), even soak in warm water. But it's all useless. I still can't sleep earlier and the reason is I wake up late again! :(

Do I suffer from insomnia? If yes, how I treat it?

Quoted from ehealthMD, insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person experiences poor sleep or has trouble sleeping. Whoa! Am I among those who insomnia? Oh, no! :(

Do you know less sleep can make your skins tired and dry? Just like we will feel thirsty if we drink only a little water. Same with skins. After a day using make up, our skins need a rest to restore its moisture. Our skins do its rest when we are sleeping. But, if we can't get enough sleep, our skins only have a little time to take a rest too. It will make our skins tired and dry. For more informations about insomnia, click herehere, or here.

There are a lot of choice to cure insomnia, but the most importang thing to do is YOU MUST REALLY INTEND TO CHANGE YOUR BAD HABIT! It's useless if you have a million tricks to prevent your sleep disorder, but you don't do it seriously. ;)

Yep! I hope this post can help you to treat your sleeping disorder. Got to go now! See you on the next post! Bye bye! *kisses*